Kevin Durant Debuts New Tupac Tattoo

Kevin Durant Tupac tat
While most people celebrate moving to a new state with a little get together or a buying a symbolic memento, Kevin Durant took it one step further by getting a giant tattoo.

After turning the NBA upside down by signing with the Golden State Warriors earlier this month, the 27-year-old small forward decided to show love for his new home by getting a giant, and very permanent, tattoo of legendary California rapper, Tupac Shakur along with the Wu-Tang Clan logo on his left leg.

Kevin Durant’s new tattoo #2PacForever

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Now, being a California native myself, I will never object to someone paying homage to a Cali legend but, since when is KD a Pac fan? When asked to choose between the west coast legend or his East Coast rival, Biggie, Durant chose Biggie. However, I don’t see a Biggie tattoo displayed on the NBA all star. 

However, Durant did make sure to show some love to East Coast by getting the Wu-Tang logo tatted right underneath the portrait of Pac.

It’s ok KD, we all know the west coast is the best coast.

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