The Kanye West/ Taylor Swift/ Kim Kardashian Drama Continues

Taylor Kanye Kim
Remember back when Kanye West’s track “Famous” was first released and there was a big thing about Taylor Swift not liking being referred to in the song, but Kanye said that she knew about the verse? The incident swiftly ended the truce the pop star and rapper had since his 2009 VMAs outburst. Now Ye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, is stepping up to defend her hubby with more than just words.

The drama surrounding the song had died down, but thanks to Calvin Harris going off on Swift last week, accusing her of needing “someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC”, a new batch of Swift haterade was made and Kim decided to pour herself a tall glass. Mrs. West had already claimed that Taylor had full knowledge of the verse about her in “Famous,” but over the weekend she decided to put all the he said/she said to rest, by releasing the recorded convo between her hubby and Swift.

First Kim teased the video on Twitter:

Then she uploaded her receipts to Snapchat:

Taylor has since responded with a statement, again claiming innocence in the entire ordeal:

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

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There's more 😩 #KimKardashian pulls the receipts on #TaylorSwift part 2 . This tea is too hot. View previous post!

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Celebs are now chiming in on the drama and we have no doubt Kimye is done with her, so we can’t wait to see how this story continues to unfold.

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