Kanye West Debuts Controversial New ‘Famous’ Video, Celebs React (Kinda)

Kanye West Famous(Warning: NSFW Images Ahead)

Kanye West has pulled another classic Kanye. The rapper proved that he doesn’t care about debuted the music video for his single “Famous”

West held the premiere for the video at the Forum in Inglewood, CA, and while fans were probably expecting something eccentric because it is Kanye after all, no one was expecting that they got. West chose to focus his entire video on a bed filled with an array of celebs, all of whom are lying nude together, with a naked Kanye and Kim Kardashian at the center of the action, in a visual homage to an homage to Vincent Desiderio’s painting “Sleep.”

President George W. Bush, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Rihanna, her ex Chris Brown, and Taylor Swift all flank Ye on one side, while Kim is joined by her ex Ray J, Kanye’s ex Amber Rose, Kim’s mother’s ex Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby.

“It’s not in support or anti any of [the people in the video],” West told Vanity Fair about the meaning behind the visual. “It’s a comment on fame.”

So far, not many of the celebs included in the provocative video have responded to their naked bodies lying in the bed. Chris Brown seems to be taking it all lightly, writing “Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/ crack showing WAX figure?. This ngga KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy” in an Instagram post, while reps for George Bush simply told US Weekly, “That’s not him.”

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Swift’s silence is probably the most surprising, since the single caused a new rift between she and Yeezy thanks to the line, “For all my Southside n*ggas that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex//Why? I made that b*tch famous (God damn)/I made that bitch famous.” Ye’ and Kardashian claim Swift knew about the line in the song before it premiered and gave her blessing to use it, while Swift holds that she had no idea and is not a fan of the song.

Whatever ends up happening, Ye is ready for it, even tweeting a semi-dare for someone to sue him. “Can somebody sue me already #I’llwait,” read the since-deleted tweet. Oh and his celebrity friends (not necessarily the ones depicted) are totally cool with the concept. “Guess what the response is when I show it to them?” West also told Vanity Fair. “They want to be in the bed.”

Photo Credit:Tidal/Instagram