Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

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Weezy can’t seem to catch a break!

Just weeks after his private jet had to make an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska after he suffered a seizure in the air, the 33-year-old rapper was forced to cancel a performance and was rushed to the hospital after suffering from yet another seizure.

Weezy was moments away from performing at Las Vegas nightclub Tao on July 6 when he was struck with the seizure, according to TMZ. He had to cancel the performance and was hospitalized in the ICU.

While numerous reports have named his codeine addiction as the cause for his frequent seizures, the Young Money rapper claims it’s a result of his epilepsy as his doctors try to find the right mix of prescription drugs for him.

The rapper’s history of seizures can be traced back to 2012, the first time he was hospitilazed. He was back in the hospital in 2013 after suffering two seizures in one week, with one allegedly being near fatal. Weezy was reportedly back to drinking lean in January after quitting the drug in 2013.

After the latest scare, Lil Wayne is now resting at his home in Miami.

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