Troy Ave Drops ‘Free Troy Ave’ Mixtape


While he awaits trial, Troy Ave is breaking his silence from behind bars through his new mixtape, Free Troy Ave.

Ave proclaims his innocence on the intro. “I’m innocent,” he says. “It ain’t the end of Troy Ave, not at all. This is just the beginning.”

The tape consists of 12 tracks, including “Chuck Norris,” on which the rapper addresses last month’s shooting at a T.I. concert that left three wounded and Ave’s bodyguard dead.

The BSB rapper was arrested in connection to the shooting at New York’s Irving Plaza on May 26 and charged with attempted murder. In a video obtained by the New York Police Department, Ave can be seen shooting at an individual in a backstage green room at the Plaza. He was denied bail and is awaiting trial. 

You can listen to the whole tape below.


Photo Credit: Troy Ave/Instagram