Meek Mill Takes More Shots At Drake on ‘All The Way Up’ Remix

Drake Meek Mill beef again
Just as we thought the flames had died down, Meek Mill has reignited his never ending beef with Drake…again.

The Philadelphia rapper took his guest spot on Fabulous’ “All The Way Up” remix as an opportunity to remind people that one of the strangest beefs in hip-hop is still going strong. The new track premiered Wednesday and finds Meek taking clear shots at Drake. “Views from the projects, n-gga I’m the prospect,” Meek raps, along with more accusations of Drizzy using a ghostwriter: “This is hip-hop, you ain’t write it don’t record it/ I don’t know how they getting down across the border.”

Meek first started the beef back in July of 2015 when he unleashed a series of tweets asking people to stop comparing him to Drake and accusing Drizzy of using a ghostwriter. Of course, things only escalated when Drake responded with not one, but two diss tracks (“Charged Up” and “Back to Back”) aimed at Meek. While fans eagerly waited for Meek’s response, the rapper waited five months to respond and basically gave Drake the win.

Despite Drake’s clear victory the first time around, it seems like Meek just can’t seem to let it go.

Listen to the track for yourself below:

Photo Credit: David Gabber/ Burris/PR Photos