Move Over Madonna: Who We Really Want to See Perform a Prince Tribute

Steven Tyler DAngelo Prince Tribute
Madonna’s Prince tribute at the 2016 Billboard Awards was met with plenty of reactions (including lots of criticism) on social media, which got us thinking…who would we want to see give an unforgettable tribute to the late great Purple One?

Naturally fans expected to see the award show pay tribute to the singer, who passed suddenly on April 21, but those watching from home became less and less disenchanted with Madonna’s renditions of “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Purple Rain” (when she was joined by surprise guest Stevie Wonder). Not even her purple satin suit with paisley prints and ruffled blouse, a clear invocation of Prince’s style, was enough to keep Twitter and social media from ripping her performance to shreds. Even BET decided to get in on the shade being thrown and use it as a marketing opportunity for their Prince tribute, which will take place during the BET Awards.

The wide range of reactions made us start thinking about who we would like to see in the Prince tribute to end all Prince tributes and we came up with, what we think, are some pretty solid names to be thrown into the purple ring.



pictured: Miguel performing at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango concert at The Home Depot Center in Carson, CA on 5/11/2013 (Photo Credit:Samuel Mora /

Why We Chose Him: Miguel not only has the range to sing a lot of Prince’s high-pitched songs, but his stage presence-including his trademark microphone antics and wild dancing- also makes us think that he’d be willing to give his all in a Prince tribute.
Tribute Song: “Purple Rain”


JT Prince Tribute

Photo Credit: Instagram

Why We Chose Him: Another singer with a ton of vocal range, Timberlake has the charisma to bring Prince’s songs to life (and he’s not too bad on his feet either). Sure there was that one time when Prince had to remind him that “sexy never left,” but we’ve all been put in place by someone more seasoned than us at one time or another. We know JT would give a great tribute to the music legend.
Tribute Song: “Kiss”


Janelle Monae Prince Tribute

Photo Credit: Instagram

Why We Chose Her: Monae is very clearly heavily influenced by Prince, from her style of dress to her overall sound (see: Electric Lady). It also helps that Prince gave her his seal of approval, being featured on a song with her on her Electric Lady album (“Givin’ Em What They Love”). Greatness recognizes greatness.
Tribute Song: “I Would Die 4 You”


Bruno Mars_PrinceTribute

pictured: Bruno Mars in Concert at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas on June 16, 2011 (Photo Credit: PRN / PR Photos)

Why We Chose Him: Bruno Mars is a fun ball of energy when he performs, which is why we think he’d be perfect to perform in a tribute. His infectious energy is exactly what Prince would want to spread to the crowd and Mars definitely has the pipes to back up the performance.
Tribute Song(s): “Little Red Corvette”/ “Let’s Go Crazy”

D’Angelo and Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler DAngelo Prince Tribute

Photo Credit: Twitter/Janice Ogata /

Why We Chose Them: D’Angelo and Steven Tyler have such unique voices, that we thought the combo of them together would be a perfect fit for the song “The Beautiful Ones.” D’Angelo’s smooth voice and famous pitch could definitely handle the verses and Tyler is the only one we can imagine doing the song’s strong finish justice.
Tribute Song(s): “The Beautiful Ones”



pictured: Maxwell in Concert on NBC’s “Today Show” on June 25, 2010 (Photo Credit: Kent Miller / PR Photos)

Why We Chose Him: Maxwell is another artist who was very clearly influenced by Prince, and whose vast vocal range and soulful voice could bring the house down during a tribute. “This Women’s Work” and “Fortunate”, two of MAxwell’s best known songs, already have Prince written all over them.
Tribute Song(s): “When Doves Cry”

Who would you like to see pay tribute to Prince? What songs should they sing? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Photo Credit: Twitter/Janice Ogata /