Tensions Reach New Heights ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Trailer

OITNB Season 4 promo
Tensions in the Litchfield Women’s Prison look like they’re about to reach an all-time high in the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black.

The new season sees the addition of more 100 prisoners, thanks to Litchfield’s transformation into a for-profit prison. None of the girls are looking forward to the new changes and for seemingly good reason, as it looks like the new batch of women will do some serious damage to the place (and people).

There are also quick shots that make us worried, as we see Sophia is still in SHU, Crazy Eyes lying in a hospital bed, a SWAT team hopping out onto the prison grounds, and the above shown face off between the black inmates and what appears to be a group of white supremacists.

As usual, however, the comedy that fans love so much will still be at play. In one shot we see Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) confronting a new Muslim inmate who asks if she really wants to go there, telling her “I went there, bought a house and moved in, b*tch. And now I’m remodeling the kitchen.” Oh, and Taystee (Danielle Brooks) has landed a sweet new gig at Caputo’s secretary, which should prove to be a pretty entertaining side story.

Take a look at the heated trailer below:

Tune into Orange Is the New Black‘s 4th season, June 17 on Netflix, to find out who will fight and who will fall.

Photo Credit: Youtube