FOX Releases First Trailer for New Lee Daniels Series ‘Star’

Star Lee Daniels
The first look at Lee Daniels’ new FOX series Star is finally here and looks like it will be a solid Empire stand in during the show’s off-seasons.

Daniels’ new musical drama centers around three young women, Star, Alexandra and Simone, all with hopes of making it big. Together, the three will chase their dreams in the glamorous but highly competitive Atlanta music scene and find out what kinds of choices they’re willing to make to become superstars. The series will showcase the allure and heartache of the cut-throat music scene, while also exploring cultural themes from a new perspective.

In the trailer we see that Star (Jude Demorest) is a gorgeous young girl whose been dealt a bad hand in life, but never stops believing that she was meant for more. After a tragic childhood, she becomes a child of the system, but once old enough, she decides to chase her dreams. Along the way, she find (or reunites with) the other members of her group- her sister, Simone (Brittany O’Grady), and rich girl Alexandra (Ryan Destiny).

Queen Latifah also stars in the series as Star and Simone’s godmother Carlotta, “a woman with an amazing voice who owns an Atlanta beauty salon. She becomes a surrogate mother to the girls, but doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with their dreams of stardom.” Emmy Award nominee Benjamin Bratt will also co-star and musician Lenny Kravitz also star in the series and make appearances in the trailer.

You can watch the trailer below:

Star will premiere on FOX, taking Empire‘s slot when the show isn’t airing, during the 2016-2017 season.

Photo Credit: FOX