Black West Point Cadets Raised Fist Photo Deemed ‘Inappropriate’

West Point Cadets

Sixteen black cadets from West Point came under fire for raising their fists in a photo and while they won’t be facing any serious punishment, the photo itself has been deemed “inappropriate”.

The cadets struck the pose during an Old Corps photo shoot at the military school, but after the photo went viral, the students faced some serious accusations from members of the public who were less than impressed. From accusing them of trying to make a political statement to saying the pose violated Defense Department rules, the uproar became so great that the academy opened an investigation into the incident.

After speaking with the cadets and photographers involved, it was ruled that there were no violations committed and while the photo was “inappropriate” there was no ill intent behind it.

“While the inquiry did not find that these cadets violated a policy or regulation, it did determine that they demonstrated a lapse of awareness in how symbols and gestures can be misinterpreted and cause division,” West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen wrote in a letter to the Corps of Cadets. “The impact of this photo, regardless of its intent, is evident. It is unfortunate that this perception brought attention to our Alma Mater for all the wrong reasons.”

Photo Credit: Twitter