Black Lives Matter Activist Charged with Human Trafficking

BLM Charles WadeA well-known Black Lives Matter activist has been arrested and charged with human trafficking, among other infractions.

Charles Wade, one of the co-founders of Operation Help or Hush, which was established in the aftermath of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo, was reportedly arrested on April 25 and charged with seven counts, including human trafficking.

ACcording to the Daily Caller, who claims to have obtained a copy of the police report, the 33-year-old activist was caught when an undercover detective responded to a backpage ad.

According to the police report, an undercover officer with the vice intelligence unit responded to an ad on, a website frequently used by sex traffickers and prostitutes.

“Holla at me. Quick stay specials tonight and tomorrow. Independent. Fun and sexy. Text me to set up an appointment???????” reads the ad, which listed the age of the poster as 23.

The undercover detective contacted the poster to set up a meeting. The respondent informed him that the cost of services would be $100 for a half-hour and provided an address, which turned out to be a Howard Johnson Inn in College Park. A room number was also provided.

When the undercover john arrived, a white female wearing only a towel answered the door and let him inside the room. After she attempted to initiate contact with the detective he informed her he was a police officer, and she ran out of the room.

Wade has since released the below statement regarding the situation, stating that he was under the impression that a 20-year-old woman was in need of assistance with a place to stay, so he helped her get a room and didn’t know anything about her solicitation background or true age until he was being arrested and charged with actions related to her activities. He also maintains that he’s “confident that that I will be cleared of all charges”:

Photo Credit: Twitter