Waka Flocka Addresses Snapchat Controversy

Waka Flocka SnapchatWaka Flocka recently faced a storm of criticism when he posted a Snapchat video of a crying little girl locked in a dog crate, but the rapper has come forward to clear up any misunderstandings.

When the video was posted, the media wasn’t quite sure what to make of the scene. The video had no real context and all they were shown was Flocka laughing while taping the toddler crying while stuck in the dog crate. Now, Flocka has come forward to clear the air, saying that the little girl is his niece, who ended up locking herself in the crate, so he did what most probably would have in this social sharing age: he filmed it and made a little fun before letting her out.

“F*cking d*ckheads, y’all think we locking kids in f*ckin’ closets and dog cages? Nooooo. This is our niece,” he say in the video posted to his private Instagram page. “She locked herself in by accident … She was crying. Yes I let her out. The f*ck we look like locking kids in cages? Get the f*ck off my page, get outta the media. Get a f*ckin’ life, stop worrying about our life. No we not locking kids in the goddamn closet.” Flocka then ended the video with a nice “Goodbye. Have a nice day.”

You can take a look at both videos below:

pictured: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame with Reema Major and Wooh da Kid in Concert at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on October 5, 2012 Photo Credit:Bernadette Giacomazzo/PR Photos