Georgia Judge Keeps It Real With Troubled Teens

Bibb County Judge Troubled Teens

A Georgia judge has gone viral for keeping it real with a group of troubled teens in a courtroom.

While volunteering with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office’s “Consider the Consequences” class, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin had no idea that she was being filmed when she was breaking the hard facts of life down to a group of troubled kids, but is glad her message has spread.

The program is targeted towards young people with a history of crime or discipline issues in hopes to show them exactly where their lives are headed if their actions don’t change.

In the 9-minute long courtroom video, Colvin can be showing students a body bag while telling them that if they don’t choose a different path they could end up in jail or “in this body bag,” where “he only way somebody’s going to know you’re in here is because of this tag.”

She also instills positive thoughts into the kids, telling them, “You are special, you are uniquely made, and nobody else can do what you’re supposed to do in this world. And if you don’t do it, we won’t have it.”

“I did not expect or anticipate that was going to be recorded,” Colvin told WMAZ-TV about the video.

“For some reason there was a decision to tape it and I have to think it was predestined because I didn’t plan it. … I wanted to speak to their hearts and that’s what I did. … I am shocked that it has gone that far … I’m continually amazed because it renews what I’ve always thought – at the end of the day, everybody really cares about everybody else.”

You can watch the judge’s full speech below:

Photo Credit: WMAZ