Willow Smith Covers ‘Teen Vogue’

Willow Smith

At just 15-years-old, Willow Smith is making a name for herself in the fashion world by playing by her own rules.

The Chanel Brand Ambassador covers this month’s “Global Issue” of Teen Vogue, rocking a choker and her signature dreads while being named the “Coolest Girl in the Galaxy.”

The Emma Summerton photo shoot showcases the trendsetter’s daring sense of style by showing her in various looks incorporating the bright colors and bold accessories we have come to know Willow for.

The young superstar also opens up to the magazine about her life after “Whip My Hair” and how the song helped her begin her journey of self discovery. “After ‘Whip My Hair’ and all the publicity, after going on tour in the U.K., after saying no to the Annie film, all of this crap was going on in my life, and I had to sit down and say, ‘Who are you? On a real note. Are you this or this?’,” she tells Teen Vogue“During that time of figuring it out, I was lost and super insecure. But then I stopped trying to find myself in these other inanimate objects, people, and ideas. I realized it isn’t about finding yourself—it’s about creating yourself.”

Smith also discussed her new role at Chanel and the excitement of entering a new phase in her life. “Being a young African-American woman with dreads, it blows my mind that I’m a Chanel ambassador. Like, how am I a Chanel ambassador?,” she tells the magazine. “It is so beautiful. I’m coming into a new part of my life that is completely unknown, and I’m jumping right in. All I can do from here is continue to shift paradigms and continue to push the envelope further and further. But I am doing it every day just by being myself.”

The May issue of Teen Vogue is on stands now.

(Photo Credit: Teen Vogue Instagram)