‘Empire’ Showrunner Teases What’s Ahead for Second Half of Season 2


FOX’s hit series Empire returns tonight and fans can expect more drama, music and secrets in the second half of the show’s second season.

Before the show’s break, the Lyon family lost control of Empire thanks to the youngest Lyon, Hakeem (Bryshere ‘Yazz’ Gray), voting to have his father Lucious (Terrence Howard) thrown off of the board. This betrayal will have lasting ramifications for Hakeem, who chose siding with Camilla (guest star Naomi Campbell) over his own father. “Hakeem is going to have to make a choice. Is he with Camilla or is he with his family? That’s a hard choice,” showrunner Ilene Chaiken told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s no middle ground for Hakeem. He’s either with them or against them.”

The oldest Lyon brother, Andre (Trai Byers), will face arguably the hardest struggles this season. The fate of his wife and child’s lives hang in the balance thanks to Lucious’ mentally unstable ex (and Hakeem’s fling) Anika (Grace Gealey), pushing a very pregnant Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) down the stairs at her home. “Andre is going to struggle. He struggles for his life, for his sanity, for his marriage and to find his place,” Chaiken teased. “He’s got a whole lot coming at him in the second half of the season that goes right to that core issue: Who am I? How did I become who I am? What are the secrets that his father kept from him that actually are fundamental to his very existence? There’s a big, big reveal coming for Andre in the latter half of the season.”

A major theme throughout his half of the season is the Lyon family finding their way back to each other. We saw them divided and fighting during the first part of season two, but one thing fans can count on is that they’ll always come back together in the end. “The second half of the season is about family coming back together to win back the empire,” stated Chaiken. “That’s what the show is all about. This family will always come together and break apart, that’s going to be the story of their lives. It’s the cycle of life for the Lyons.”

Photo Credit: FOX