John Legend Wins Twitter Feud With Donald Trump’s Son

John Legend


With the 2016 election heating up, and Donald Trump and his supporters being more obnoxious than ever, more people are stepping up and speaking out, including John Legend.

The Grammy award winning singer found himself in a bit of a Twitter feud with Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., after the Republican presidential candidate’s Chicago rally was cancelled due to a clash between supporters and protesters. Following the cancellation, Trump Jr. wasted no time voicing his opinions on the cancellation and Legend wasted no time shutting him down.


Trump’s supporters obviously didn’t do their research on Legend and his impressive accolades including an Oscar Award, 10 Grammys and English degree from the University of Pennsylvania but that didn’t stop them from going after the singer.



And of course, Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigan, swooped in to support her man.

(Photo credit: ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images)