Ciara Releases New Songs ‘Special Edition’ and ‘Oh Baby’


It’s the holiday season, and Ciara is in a giving spirit. The singer surprised fans with a YouTube release of two never songs titled “Special Edition” and “Oh Baby” on Monday evening (Nov. 23).

“Hey CSquad Here’s My Gift To You! #SpecialEdition and #OhBaby Happy Holidays! Love CC,” she wrote in a message.

The A.C.-produced “Special Edition” is a mid-tempo feel good song that is perfect for celebrating during the holidays. The cover art even features a Santa Claus hat.

“This that special edition/ Oh What a feeling/ We gone turn up tonight/ Raise your cup to the ceiling,” she sings on the track.

“Oh Baby,” a Dr. Luke production, is a mid-tempo romantic ballad where Ciara sings about her love for her significant other.

“I don’t think I can love another/ Quite like Imma love you/One thing I discovered/ Is every single day and night I think about you,” she croons on the track.

It’s unclear if the songs are from an upcoming project or songs that did not make it on her last album, Jackie.

Listen to both tracks below and tell us which is your favorite!

(Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Topshop)