Don Cheadle Channels Miles Davis in ‘Miles Ahead’ Clip

Don Cheadle Miles Ahead

After a successful Indiegogo campaign and a few halts, Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis feature film is finally making its way to theaters, just in time for awards season.

The House of Lies star and his team started filming last July with Cheadle starring as Miles Davis, as well as working behind the scenes as the director of the biopic.

The biopic, which focuses on Davis’s life, between 1976 and 1980, when his drug addiction made him unable to play his horn or to compose,premiered last weekend at the New York Film Festival. A short clip from the film has also hit the Internet, showing Cheadle in action as the jazz icon for the first time.

While there’s no official release date for Miles Ahead in theaters as of yet, the buzz surrounding the film is massive.

Watch the Don Cheadle in Miles Ahead below!

(Photo Credit: Yahoo)