President Obama Impersonator Uses Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ to Diss Donald Trump

President Obama Back to Back

YouTube star Alphacat is popular for his very convincing impersonations of President Barack Obama. The impersonator’s latest and arguably best video not only takes remakes Drake’s “Back to Back,” but also takes shots at presidential candidate Donald Trump in the process.

The video starts off with a clip of Trump declaring that Obama is “the worst president in the history of our country.”

Shortly after, the “Back to Back” beat drops, and Alphacat rips Trump all while maintaining the perfect cadence of President Obama.

“I learned how to lead from Mandela, you could never check me
Back to back like my terms in office, they couldn’t get me
Back to back like two duelers about to take 10 paces
Back to back like Trump’s divorces, now face it. Ohhh,” he raps at the beginning.

The 3-minute video is creative and absolutely hilarious.

Watch the video below!

(Photo Credit: YouTube)