Jimmy Fallon Takes on ‘Empire’ in Hilarious Parody

Jimmy Fallon Empire

Many fans tuned in for the highly-anticipated season two premiere of Empire, but did you catch Jimmy Fallon’s spoof of the hit show on Tuesday night? If you haven’t, you have to see it.

In the parody, Fallon plays Juicy Jim, who is debating who will take over the Jimpire, if anything happens to him.

“I might not be around forever, what with my finger being in the condition it’s in,” he says in a spot on impression of Terrence Howard’s character Lucious Lyon.

Juicy Jim is trying to decide between Questlove, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter or Dion Flynn (aka Andre) to succeed him as host until one person walks in demanding their piece of the Jimpire.

In walks the fiesty, fur-wearing character Higgy (Steve Higgins) who believes he’s entitled to half of Juicy’s kingdom.

Watch the sketch below!

(Photo Credit: NBC)