‘Being Mary Jane’ Season Three Trailer Unveiled

Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane is headed back for season three, and the newly released trailer will surely evoke too many emotions to count.

The three-minute trailer picks up where last season left off with Mary Jane being involved in a scary car accident. The trailer touches on the extent of Mary Jane’s injuries and the state of her relationship with David and Lisa after finding out they were sneaking around behind her back for years. In her professional life, a new Latina news anchor is poised to take her spot during her absence.

This season as sees a few guest stars. Jill Scott  appears as Neicy’s mom Jackie, and her return stirs up some trouble. Loretta Devine guest stars as the other victim in the car crash.

Being Mary Jane returns to BET in a 2-hour premiere on October 20.

Watch the Being Mary Jane Trailer below!

(Photo Credit: BET)