‘Scandal’ Season 5 Trailer Revealed

Scandal Season 5 Trailer

Gladiators get ready! This first official trailer for  season 5 of Scandal has been released, and things are going to get juicy this summer.

The season 5 Scandal trailer shows Olivia and Fitz together at last– at least for now. The two are enjoying their alone time in a few steamy scenes.

As for Mellie, Fitz has handed her divorce papers. Yikes!

The trailer also shows a stressed Cyrus, who was fired from his position as Chief of Staffs. Huck is seen with tears in his eyes after knowing he betrayed his gladiator family.

The new season, which promises “Crazy, twisty goodness,” premieres on Sept. 24.

Will you be watching?

Watch the trailer below!

(Photo Credit: YouTube)