Major Brands Respond to Drake, Meek Mill Feud

Drake Meelk Mill

Last week, the most talked about news in the hip hop world was the feud between Drake and Meek Mill. In the midst of the feud, brands like Whataburger, White Castle and even Rosetta Stone capitalized on the moment by getting in on the trending topic.

Perhaps the most popular tweet came from American food chain Whataburger. The restaurant sounded off on the feud Thursday night on Twitter after Meek Mill finally responded to Drake’s diss tracks saying, “Meek Mill take it from us– if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality.”

White Castle also chimed in tweeting, ” It’s ok @MeekMill. Maybe beef isn’t your thing. #ChickenRings @Drake.”

Some tweets were corny and others were shady. Nonetheless, seeing these brands put in their best effort to capitalize on the moment was rather entertaining.

Take a look at the tweets below! Tell us what tweet was your favorite or least favorite!



(Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images and Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Tidal/Roc Nation)