2015 Volkswagen Commercial Stars Young Interracial Couple

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan Commercial

Volkswagen rolled out a commercial for its 2015 Tiguan that shows their support of interracial couples in a charming commercial titles “Prom Night.”

In the commercial, a high school aged interracial couple is being chauffeured to prom by the young girl’s father. The young couple seems a little nervous and awkward, but with a little help from dad’s driving skills and a sharp turn, their hands find each other as they lock eyes and smile at one another. Just as they lean in for a kiss, dad uses his driving skills once again to intervene and have them both jerk back into their seats.

“Tiguan. The SUV that puts you in control,” the commercial states before the teens exit the vehicle to enjoy their prom night.

The Tiquan is Volkswagen’s compact-sized SUV, and starts $24,990.

Watch the commercial below!

(Photo Credit: YouTube)