Jon Stewart Delivers Passionate Response to Charleston Shooting

Jon Stewart Charleston Church Shooting

Jon Stewart is known for his jokes, but yesterday he apologized to his audience for not having any jokes as he took a more serious tone to discuss the Charleston Church shooting on The Daily Show with Jon.

“I have nothing other than just sadness, once again, that we have to peer into the abyss of the depraved violence that we do to each other in the nexus of a just gaping racial wound that will not heal — yet we pretend doesn’t exist,” he said.

Contrasting the reaction to the Charleston shootings with reactions to other incidents of terrorism, Stewart argued “If this had been what we thought was Islamic terrorism…it’s ‘we’ve got to do whatever we can — we’ll torture people! — we’ve got to do whatever we can to keep Americans safe.’ Nine people shot in a church, what about that? ‘Hey, what are you gonna do, crazy is as crazy is,’ right? That’s the part that I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around.”

He added: “This was racist. This was a guy with a Rhodesia badge on his sweater so the idea that.. you know I hate to even use this pun but this one is black and white. There’s no nuance here. And we’re going to keep pretending like, ‘I don’t get. What happened there’s one guy lost his mind, but we are steeped in that culture in this country and we refuse ti recognize it and I cannot believe how hard people are working to discount it.”

This is not the first time Stewart has taken a head on approach to discuss the racial issues in America. He took a similar tone to discuss the death of Eric Garner.

Watch what he had to say about about the Charleston church shooting below: