Steph Curry and More NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Step Curry Mean Tweets

With the NBA finals happening right now, it seems totally appropriate for a special NBA edition of “Mean Tweets.” Jimmy Kimmel gathered famed NBA players and personalities to read some of the horrible tweets written about them.

Magic Johnson started things off reading a tweet from Twitter user @groneg: “I’m convinced Magic Jackson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth,” the two-time Hall of Famer read before flashing a huge smile.

Some of the readers did not find the tweets amusing, while others laughed off the mean tweets.  Draymond Green was clearly amused after reading @nickb414’s tweet, which said he looks like “Donkey from Shrek.”

“Imagine the damage Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if he didn’t have such a girly name #changeittosteve,” @zcutler45 tweeted. The Golden State Warriors point guard responded, “Steve’s a terrible name. Oh, shoot! That’s my coach’s name.”

Perhaps the meanest tweet was saved for last and directed at Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin. “GOODBYE BLAKE GRIFFIN YOU SOFT GINGER HAIR COLORED LINDSEY LOHAN FRECKLED FACE TWO HEADED BITCH TAKE YA ASS HOME BITCH,” @staykaziming tweeted. Griffin responded, “Wow, all caps, huh? Maybe throw in some lowercase next time.”

Other participants included Jimmy Butler, Tony Parker, Wesley Matthews, Andrew Bogut, Marc Jackson, DeAndre Jordan, Jeremy Lin, Reggie Miller, Zack Randolph, Jalen Rose and Jeff Van Gundy.

Watch the video below!

(Photo Credit: YouTube)