Derrick Coleman’s Book ‘No Excuses” Shares Story As a Deaf NFL Player

Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman is an accomplished NFL player with a Super Bowl ring as a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks at the young age of 24-years-old. Though the player is living his dream, many are unaware of the challenges he faced to get where he is today.

Coleman has been deaf since the age of three due to a genetic and incurable hearing impairment. Despite that, he is only the third hearing-impaired player ever to play in the NFL and the league’s first legally deaf offensive player.

The world got a taste of Coleman’s story in 2014 when he was featured in a Duracell commercial that highlighted his journey to the NFL, and shared how he never let adversity stand in the way of his dreams.

“They told me it couldn’t be down… that I was a lost cause,” he said in the video. “Kids were afraid to play with me. I was picked on.”

Coleman’s story of his unlikely journey from legally deaf child to the NFL went viral thanks to the  Duracell commercial that got more than 22 million views.

Now, Coleman is out with a new book, titled No Excuses, that chronicles his life. He hopes his story will continue to provide inspiration, especially to kids.

“I want them to know that, one, you’re not alone, and, two, if you just stick together, hand by hand, we can do anything,” he said.

Watch the video below!

(Photo Credit: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for Starkey Hearing Foundation)