Georgia School Founder Apologizes for ‘Black People’ Comment at Graduation

Georgia Principal Racist Comments

Over the weekend,  video of  a Georgia high school founder who criticized the audience at a graduation by making offensive remarks went viral. The woman seen in the video, Nancy Gordeuk, has since come forth with an apology.

The graduation ceremony at TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, GA on Friday took a drama turn when Gordeuk began yelling at members of the audience who left the ceremony before the valedictorian gave his speech. Standing at the podium in front a microphone she yelled out, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people.”

The comment prompted yells of outrage from the audience as graduates stormed off the stage and the valedictorian walked away as well.

Members of the audience shared the video on social media, and it spread over the weekend with many saying Gordeuk should lose her job.

A local CBS news affiliate caught up with the Georgia school founder to get her side of the story and find out how she is dealing with the firestorm of criticism. Gordeuk, who says the video takes her remarks out of context, issued an apology.

“I’d like them to know that I apologize to everyone in attendance there,” she said. “I’m sorry for what I said. Like I said, the devil was in the house.”

Unfortunately, the internet has not been so accepting of her apology. Gordeuk says she has received hate emails and death threats.

Watch the extended version of the incident and the apology below.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)