Shaq Takes An Epic Fall on ‘Inside the NBA’


Down goes Shaq!

Shaquille O’Neal took an epic fall on the set of TNT’s Inside the NBA during the halftime of the Rockets vs. Clippers game Wednesday. The 7-foot-3 former basketball star’s tumble was so bad that he lost one of his shoes in the process and even broke part of the set.

After the misstep, Shaq showed that he has a sense of humor and he isn’t afraid to make fun of himself.

“I almost broke my dam leg lol #downgoesshaq #shaqtinafall,” he tweeted before sharing a video of the tumble with the caption, “Dam I’m clumsy.”

He went on to share his favorite memes of the fall and offered a monetary prize for his fans.

“Whoever makes me the best meme of me bustin my ass (like this one) wins $500 cash. Go. #shaqtinafall,” he tweeted.

Watch the video and some of the memes below!


(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)