Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon Do ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2’

Michelle Obama Jimmy Fallon Dance

Two years after Jimmy Fallon and First Lady Michelle Obama showed off their dance moves with “The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 1,” the duo is at it again.

The two teamed up for the sequel “The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2,” to honor the five-year anniversary of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign on Thursday (April 2).

First Lady amd Fallon took it to the dance floor to perform a list of dances, including the “Shush and Tush,” the “Can You Turn the AC Up?” and the “Barack Obama.”

Following the dance skit, the FLOTUS and Fallon spoke about raising kids, during which she tells Fallon to enjoy the time before kids turn into teenagers.

“You’re still in the good stages,” she told the new dad. “They still like you now, so hold onto that.”

Watch the dance performance and interview below!

(Photo Credit: NBC)