Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel on April Fool’s Day

Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is know to be a prankster, but thanks to Rihanna the joke was on him this April Fool’s Day.

Rihanna decided to sneak to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host’s home on Wednesday to pull off a prank with the help of his wife Molly McNearney.

The 27-year-old singer arrived at the home at 1:05 a.m. and was let in by the late-night host’s wife. Dressed in all black, Rihanna tiptoed upstairs in platform boots. “OK, I’m going to go wake up Jimmy now. Wish me luck,” she said before entering the room.

On cue, Rihanna and company broke the silence of the night with a performance of her new single, “B***** Better Have My Money.”

Kimmel woke up to a live performance with strobe lights waving about, confetti floating in the air and Rihanna jumping and making it rain on his bed.

Through it all, Kimmel seems to be very confused about what is happening–which made it even funnier.

Watch the video below!

(Photo Credit: YouTube)