Wiz Khalifa Blasts Amber Rose on New Track with Juicy J

Juicy J Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is only featured on Juicy J’s “For Everybody,” along with Rock city, but his verse is getting the most attention.

On the track, Wiz appears to be taking shots at his ex Amber Rose by making several lyrical references to the model.

“I fell in love with a stripper,” Khalifa raps. “Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker/ They don’t pay attention to the love anyway/ They only concerned with what the haters say/ Bottles be turning these girls into THOTS/ Instagram turning these wifes into hoes.”

In the song, he also references Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, and Drake, claiming the “stripper” has hooked up with all of them.

The estranged couple has been on less than amicable terms as of lately with each blasting the other publicly.

While the rapper has not confirmed that his lyrics are referencing his relationship with Amber, it seems very specific to his life.

Listen to the track and decide for yourself.

(Photo Credit: SoundCloud)