Kanye West Gets Emotional, Apologizes To Beck and Bruno Mars


Kanye West capped an emotional Thursday with a public apology to Beck and Bruno Mars after an exclusive interview with England’s BBC Radio 1 yesterday, Feb. 26.

Following apologetic tweets to Beck for the stunt pulled at the Grammys when the indie-rock singer was awarded Album of the Year, Kanye also applauded Bruno for his work.


The tweets came after Kanye sat down for an interview with radio personality Zane Lowe, where he discussed topics ranging from the new Adidas clothing line to his recent collaboration with Paul McCartney and Rihanna on “FourFiveSeconds.”

Although the two had plenty to talk about, it wasn’t until the singer began discussing one of his fashion mentors when his eyes welled up with tears right before on camera. The fashion-forward musician was saluting the late Louise Wilson, who passed away in 2014, but became so distraught that Lowe called a momentary break so Kanye could regain his composure before proceeding with the interview.

“That’s never happened to me in an interview before,” a once again smiling Kanye said as he returned to his seat. “I think I’m good.”

Watch the whole interview and see the emotional moment below, starting around 25:00.

(Video contains strong language: viewer discretion advised)

(Photo Credit: YouTube/BBC Radio 1)