Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon Rap ‘It Takes Two’

Will Smith Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon continues to be the trending king.

On Thursday’s (Feb. 5) episode of The Tonight Show, the host was joined by Will Smith, where the two make a beatbox loop using an iPad app for an epic rendition of “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock.

“We have a lot in common,” Fallon told the Focus actor. “We both love music. We like rap music. You’re a famous rapper. I’m a classically trained beatboxer.”

The late-night host then pulled out his iPad to use an app called Loopy that allows users to layer sounds and play them in loops. The pair put their voices together to eventually create a pretty convincing backing track for the classic hip-hop anthem.

“I wanna rock right now, I’m Will Smith and I’m J-Fall,” the two rapped into their microphones. “I’m not internationally known. Me and the Roots come from the same home.”

The two took their performance to the stage, which brought the excited crowd to their feet.

Thursday night’s performance was just the latest of Fallon’s buzz-worthy moments on the show.

Just the night before, Fallon got most of the main stars of the beloved ’90s sitcom Saved by the Bell together for an incredible reunion skit. On Monday’s show, Fallon recreated the intro to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with appearances from Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton on the show, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. On Sunday night, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart joined Fallon for a Super Bowl lip sync battle that found Ferrell attempting to mimic some of Beyonce’s dance moves from her “Drunk in Love” music video.

Fallon has had one epic week! Watch the latest moment below.