TRAILER: Morgan Freeman Joins Cast of ‘Ted 2’


He liked what he saw, so he put a ring on it!

Ted, the foul-mouthed teddy bear, is back and he’s found the love of his life. It’s probably everything you imagined, except there is going to be more than a few obstacles for the duo to overcome in this sequel, Ted 2.

Universal Pictures reunites Mark Wahlberg with the voice of Seth MacFarlane as Ted. Morgan Freeman joins the cast with Amanda Seyfried and John Slattery as the teddy bear gets married.

This time around, the stuffed animal ties the knot with his girlfriend and everything is fine and dandy until the newlyweds decide they want to try and have a baby. This becomes a problem when Ted is summoned to prove in a court of law that he is indeed a human being.

The original comedy grossed nearly $550 million worldwide after its release in 2012.

Watch the trailer for Ted 2, deemed appropriate for “approved audiences” only, in the hilarious clip below!

(Photo Credit: YouTube/UniversalPictures)