Rihanna Wins $5 Million In Lawsuit With Topshop


Rihanna scored a legal victory against Topshop on Thursday, Jan. 22, where she went to battle with the fashion retailer’s unauthorized sale of an oversized sleeveless jersey that featured her image on the front.

The snapshot was taken from Rihanna’s 2011 “We Found Love” music video shoot, and she was not about to let anyone get away with rocking her pretty face without permission. Unfortunately, Topshop learned this the hard way with a settlement that mandates they fork over $5 million and legal fees.

Although U.K. celebrities have no control over how their images are used, bad gal RiRi’s legal team found a loophole that claimed that her image implied her endorsement of the product or company when that was not true.

“Many of her fans regard her endorsement as important for she is their style icon, and they would buy the t-shirt thinking that she had approved and authorized it,” states the opinion. “In short, the judge found that the sale of this t-shirt bearing this image amounted to a representation that Rihanna had endorsed it.”

View the full opinion here.

6(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics)