The Face of Facebook Diversity: Maxine Williams


Four percent of Facebook’s workers in the U.S. are Hispanic and 2 percent are black, while most are white and Asian males. However, most of the 1.3 billion users on the social network are women and span over ever race and ethnicity around the world.

Meet Maxine Williams, one of few black people working on the Facebook campus with the responsibility of bringing diversity in the workforce to better reflect the demographics of its users.

To attract more blacks and Hispanics onto the team, Williams says Facebook is supporting programs such as YesWeCode and Code2040 to increase the ranks of minorities in high-tech companies. African-Americans and Hispanics only comprise 5 percent of the workforce compared with 14 percent nationally.

Born in Trinidad and being one of three children raised by a single mother, Williams says she was always a seeker, not a settler, to set out and explore the world.

What better way to explore all the different cultures than to make a difference in one of the leading multi-cultural social networks of our time!

Listen to how Maxine Williams plans to make a difference on Facebook below:

(Photo Credit: USA Today)