Larry Wilmore Talks ‘The Minority Report’ Title Change


Larry Wilmore from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show on Comedy Central will be inheriting the Colbert Report time slot with a series to air Jan. 19 at 11:30 p.m.

Previously reported to be titled The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore, the TV personality changed the title to The Nightly Show after Fox picked up a series adaptation of the 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report, which obtained a pilot order on Jan. 9.

“It became a bit of the mess,” Wilmore said, who noted his team could, in fact, use the original title, but only if they called the show by its full name—The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore—in every single usage. “Even if you’re tweeting or on Tumblr, you always have to refer to that long title [or] somebody would sue you.”

However, Wilmore says there are a few upsides to the change.

“We loved [the original] title, but sometimes you have to un-define what that title already means to people.” On the other hand, the new title is so general that “the show gets to define what it is.”

Describing the new series to be a hybrid between The Daily Show and Politically Incorrect, the opening act will be scripted with Wilmore giving his take on events of the day, as Stewart does, while the second half will be devoted to panel discussions by celebrities and guests.

The funnyman made a racial joke on the title, saying, “If you’re watching The Daily Show, and it looks like it’s getting a little darker, you’re probably watching The Nightly Show!”

Is it mere coincidence that Wilmore’s new show will premiere on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

“I had a dream that a brother needed to work that day,” he laughed. “Irony intended, completely.”

The Nightly Show launches Jan. 19 on Comedy Central! Will you be watching?

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for CCTA)