VIDEO: Apple Tugs On Heartstrings For The Holidays


Apple released a 90-second commercial to remind us just exactly why we’re excited for the holidays!

The ad titled “The Song” follows a young woman as she stumbles upon a gift from her grandmother to her grandfather from 1952. The old recording included a sweet message to her husband about being apart for the holidays before singing a beautiful rendition of Nat King Cole’s “Our Love Is Here to Stay.”

With a handful of conveniently-placed Apple products, the granddaughter secretly learns the tune’s vocals as she puts together her own accompaniment on several instruments to eventually create a duet alongside her grandmother’s voice in the recording.

Come Christmas morning, the grandmother is brought to tears as she looks through old photographs and hears the duet of her much younger self alongside her granddaughter.

It may be a profit-ploy to have us sobbing all the way to the nearest Apple store, but what the heck — it’s a tear-jerker! The new ad is currently being featured on

Watch it below!