FOX Reporter Suspended Over ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Comment

Erika Reidt

As many times as public figures have caused the demise of their own career because of their social media activity, some still do not learn until it is too late. Erika Reidt, a freelance reporter for Fox Deportes,  is the latest person to fall victim to a social media demise after she voiced her very public opinion about several NBA players seen sporting “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts in support of Eric Garner. Her comments led to an indefinite suspension.

On Tuesday evening, Reidt commented on an Instagram picture showing Kobe Bryant in an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt with a comment that immediately drew backlash.

“I’m gonna start wearing a shirt that says I can breathe because I obey the law, she wrote.

Reidt eventually deleted her comment on the picture, but not before it prompted plenty of reaction and was plastered all over social media.

One Twitter user, who wanted to make sure that the Spanish sports station  was aware of its reporter’s controversial comment, tweeted “Hey @FOXDeportes, curious if you were aware your correspondent @ErikaReidt uses social media to victim blame.”

The reported attempted to smooth things over in a series of tweets that read:

“I want to clarify in regards to the comment about Eric Garner, my account was hacked & apparently that comment was posted without my consent. I am trying to investigate who posted this horrific comment. I was on a run when this comment was posted and realized that it was posted. When I began receiving all these crazy messages. That is not the only post made. There are posts to sites I don’t know. I don’t believe anyone deserves to die. I am praying for Eric Garner’s family and also that police become more compassionate about our communities needs. I was raised in the hood and know the struggles our minority communities go through. I pray we become the system and abolish all racism.”

Unfortunately for Reidt, it was not enough. The sport’s network announced via Twitter “FOX Deportes is investigating the comments made by freelancer Erika Reidt and has suspended her until further notice.”

Reidt has since deleted her Twitter account.

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(Photo Credit: Instagram)