Al Roker Tops Guinness World Record With Charity Broadcast


NBC weatherman Al Roker broke a Guinness World Record on Friday (Nov. 14) for hosting the longest continuous live weather broadcast in history.

The Rokerthon challenge reported the weather around the world for 34 hours without any interruptions. Roker even took a bathroom break with his microphone on. He streamed live shots for almost 300 news outlets all over the world and online.

However, the challenge wasn’t just for fun and giggles; it was extremely charitable as well!

The broadcast raised over $77,000 for United Service Organizations (USO). According to the crowdrise fundraising website, the team has now raised nearly $80K for the cause.

To donate or read more about what the Rokerthon Challenge benefits, check out the website for more details!

(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)