Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West Named “First Family of Fashion”

West Family

The West family’s fashion sense has clearly left a lasting impression on fashion expert Andre Leon Talley. According to Talley, a contributing editor at Vogue magazine,  Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter, North West, deserve the title of “First Fashion Family.”

In an article written for an apparel website, Talley declared,”The three were a force of iconic moments as they pivoted around Paris, the mecca of fashion during the last fashion shows this month,” he wrote online. “The Nick and Nora Charles of our time, the Liz and Dick Burton, without the brawls.”

It’s not just Talley who thinks the West family deserves the title for of their fashion sense. The 65-year-old fashion expert also quoted several other members of the fashion world praising the newly married couple’s sense of style.

“Kanye knows quality,” world-renowned designer Ralph Lauren said. Model Kate Moss was quoted as saying, “Kim is one of my favorite people.”

Noting some of his favorite fashion moments by the family, he concluded in his piece by saying, “The new sexy, both Kanye and Kim, wearing high fashion with quiet fire.”

Kim got word of the article and gave a gracious thank you to Talley on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

“Thank you so much for this @OfficialALT !!!!” Kim tweeted.

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(Photo Credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)