Voter Tells President Obama: “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend”

 10-22-2014 1-58-19 PM

President Obama found himself in an unusual situation at a polling station in Chicago when a local voter told the president to keep his hands to himself.

Mr. Obama was minding his own business casting his ballot early for the upcoming midterm elections when Aia Cooper’s fiancé, Mike Jones, walked by and warned the president “don’t touch my girlfriend.”

Obama turned to Cooper and assured, “I really wasn’t planning on it.”

Already nervous about casting her ballot next to the President of the United States even before the incident, Cooper says she was “embarrassed and just shocked” after hearing Jones’ remark.

With humor, Obama joked that Cooper would go back home with a good story to tell her friends and family.

“I can’t believe Mike. He’s such a fool,” Obama said, impersonating the woman. “I’m mortified. But, fortunately, the president was nice about it. So it’s all right.”

Cooper laughed in disbelief that she was having a conversation with the president, but President Obama left with the last laugh.

“Give me a kiss and give him something to talk about,” he said, giving Cooper a hug and a light peck on the cheek before adding “now he’s really jealous.”

Watch the funny moment play out in the short clip below:

(Photo Credit: Reuters)