Alicia Keys Leads Protests For Missing Nigerian Girls

10-15-2014 2-28-44 PM

It shocked the world when over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted without a trace by Boko Haram militants in April, yet six months later, the story is in danger of being forgotten without a hint of progress.

Tuesday marked the half-year mark since the incident occurred, so Alicia Keys held a protest alongside 30 other women to raise awareness with signs that read ‘We Are Here To Bring Our Girls Now’ in front of the Nigerian consulate in New York City.

The 33-year-old singer, who is already a mother of one and pregnant with her second, felt touched to take action and fight for social justice. She recently launched the “We Are Here” movement for the cause with a recorded song released with the same title.

“Today is my son’s birthday and it is also making me stand in solidarity with all the mothers of the Chibok girls who have been abducted for six months and are still missing,” she said. “It is just outrageous that that’s going on.”

Keys was joined with her producer-rapper husband, Swizz Beatz.