Childish Gambino: “Telegraph Ave.” ft. Jhene Aiko

10-14-2014 12-01-33 PM

Although Childish Gambino has outright denied rumors of a budding romance with pop singer Jhene Aiko, the brown-eyed beauty played the rapper-actor’s love interest in his latest music video for slow jam “Telegraph Ave.”

Childish Gambino — known to Community and comedy fans as Donald Glover — released his STN MTN/Kauai mixtape last week, which traced back to his Atlanta roots with a brash blend of southern hip-hop, ’80s-style and smooth R&B. Although “Telegraph Ave.” comes from his 2013 album Because the Internet, the music video was shot on the island of Kauai.

The songs follows the love story of a couple, and shows them as they enjoy their vacation on an exotic island, where they take romantic strolls, picturesque selfies and cuddle by the campfire by night. However, the Utopian ambiance filled with l-o-v-e takes a dark and unexpected turn.

Yes, this sounds like the typical scenario for most relationships, but “Telegraph Ave.” invites viewers for slightly more than the usual surprise.

See the fun chemistry between Childish Gambino and Jhene Aiko in “Telegraph Ave.” below:

(Photo Credit: ChildishGambinoVEVO)