Brandy Disappointed With Ray J’s Treatment of Teairra Mari

Brandy and Ray J

If you’ve been keeping up with the inaugural season of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” you are aware that one of the main storylines is the drama between Ray J and his ex, Teairra Mari.

In case you missed it,  Teairra is still in love with Ray J and seems to be having a hard time moving on from the relationship even though her ex has a new love, Princess. Tensions between the old love and new love reached its peak at a party, where the ladies came close to blows. Ray J calmed Princess, and kicked Teairra out of his party.

In an effort to move on, Teairra hosted a tattoo party where she removed Ray J’s name from her body, but things got crazy when Ray J showed up unannounced to return Teairra’s belongings.

Still upset about his party, Ray J showed up for revenge and dumped all of his ex’s belongings (including Monistat) on the floor in front of all of her friends.

As a result, Teairra mushed him in the face and threw things at him while calling him a b—-.

In the preview of next week’s episode, Ray J breaks the story down to his big sister, singer Brandy, and she is not happy with his actions.

“Sometimes I can’t believe we have the same mom and dad. It’s unbelievable,” she says as she hangs her head in disappointment.

Brandy goes on to tell him,  “At some point you have to tell yourself, like, ‘I’m a man now. I’m an adult.’ In order to see different results in your life, you gotta do different things.”

The next episode of  “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” airs on Monday at 8/7 c on VH1.

Watch the conversation below!

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