Kanye West, Diddy, Rick Ross Accused Of Ripping Off Atlanta Rapper

  9-8-2014 4-06-26 PM

French Montana has been teasing fans about a track titled “Gucci Mane,” which has an all-star cast that includes both Rick Ross and Lil Wayne with Kanye West’s help for production. However, the track slated to be Montana’s next single is on hold as an Atlanta rapper claims that the song was stolen from him.

Chinga Chang Records made accusations that the track “Gucci Mane” is identical to that of their artist 9gotti’s track. They issued a cease and desist letter that stated that the infringement may have been the result of a “drunken oversight” as the document continued to throw shade at Rick Ross for not knowing better because he was an ex-correctional officer, and Diddy for being a “music thief.” Go figure.

Interestingly enough, several news outlets point out the absence of French Montana’s name in the lawsuit. Hmm… it’s his song, after all.

Listen to 9gotti’s “Guccie Mane” below:

(Photo credit should read KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)