Alicia Keys Is the Face of Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin Fragrance


Alicia Keys is the newest face of Givenchy.

The singer appears in Givenchy’s new commercial in support of their forthcoming fragrance “Dahlia Divin.”

In the 30-second commercial, Keys looks radiant in a gold gown while her voice serves as the music in the background.

The description of the fragrance reads:

Unveil the goddess within you. With Dahlia Divin comes the birth of a modern icon. A timeless and quintessentially woody eau de parfum, it enchants with lush, sweet top notes that caress the senses with radiant sensuality—like a haute couture gown.

“I created a delicate and delightful scent, balancing colored and juicy notes, slightly reminiscent of childhood. Then I gave the fragrance more of a solar quality, to create a trail worthy of this radiant, remarkable muse.”— François Demachy, Master Perfumer.

The fragrance contains hints of Golden Fruit (Mirabelle Plum), White Flower Bouquet (Mainly Jasmine), Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli.

Check out the commercial below.

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