T.I Announces “Paperwork” Album Release Date

8-27-2014 2-20-21 PM

Even when it comes to new music, T.I. has Hollywood on his mind.

The Atlanta rapper, who recently accepted a role in Ant-Man, announced the release date for his new LP titled “Paperwork: The Motion Picture.” Scheduled to hit stores on Oct. 21, the ninth studio album will feature a slew of artists, including Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross, The-Dream and Lil Boosie on various tracks.

“Paperwork is official,” he said. “If you’ve got paperwork on something, it’s official. Also, if someone has paperwork on you, then it could be some trouble. So, it’s official, it’s trouble, it’s authentic. Sounds like me. The music supports this theory very well.”

T.I says he handles the trap house aspect while Pharrell manages the art house elements for the upcoming project. According to the rapper, the dynamic duo have recorded 250 songs together.

“I have narrowed those 250 down to the best 25,” T.I spoke regarding his upcoming album. “Five extras are for international releases [and additional releases]… I want to narrow that 25 down to 20. Of that 20, I want to take six records at the top, six records in the middle, six records at the end, with two records as intermissions to the three. And I would like to shoot a movie that consists of three short stories, and the three short stories will connect these… records.”

Pharrell reportedly advised each project be released individually, but T.I plans to release all of the songs in one album.

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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET)