Will Smith Reunites With DJ Jazzy Jeff For ‘Summertime’ Performance


There’s nothing like a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air flashback moment, and fans got just that in Las Vegas on Friday.

Will Smith surprised hundreds of fans when he made an unannounced appearance at Palms Casino Resort for Friday’s pool party to reunite with friend and former co-star DJ Jazzy Jeff for their classic hit “Summertime.”

“You all know how to party down here!” he told the crowd, noting that he hadn’t seen Jeff in seven months. “We haven’t been onstage in forever!”

The flashback didn’t stop there. The rapper turned actor later hit the stage again when “Jump On It” started playing later on in the DJ set. Smith tore off his shirt and got the crowd jumping.

While on stage, Smith made sure he shouted out his eldest son Trey “DJ Ace” Smith, who was also DJing at the event.

Watch the performance below!

(Photo Credit: Facebook/Will Smith)